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Sheet Mask with Collagen


Collagen prevents skin aging. One molecule consists of 19 amino acids, each of which provides firmness, strength and elasticity to the skin. Collagen activates the processes in the epidermal layer, fills wrinkles, gives sharpness to the oval and lifts the contour of the face. Rosehip and blackcurrant extracts contain a complex of vitamins (B, C, A, K, P, PP, E), which enhances the action of collagen for skin regeneration, hydration, renewal and protection.

Nominal weight: 25g / 1 pc.

Great for

Loss of skin elasticity and small wrinkles.

Skin type
Normal skin
Oily, combination, sensitive
Dry and sensitive skin


ЖМП free
SLS free
Paraben free
silicone free
Минеральное масло
Красители free

How to use

Cleanse your face first. Take out the eye patches and place evenly on the lower eyelid area. Remove patches after 20-25 minutes. Distribute the rest of the lotion with tapping movements.


It is recommended to use the mask 2 times a week. An intensive treatment involves daily use for two weeks. The mask is intended for single use. Store at the temperature between 5°C and 25°C.

Precautionary measures:
Do not use on damaged skin.
In case of contact with the eyes, rinse with warm water.
Avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight.

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