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About the brand

SefieLab is skin care and hair care developed in a laboratory and produced in accordance with pharmaceutical standards. When it comes to skin care, there is no room for compromise. And it is very important for each of us that the product is of high quality, tested by experts and manufactured in accordance with all the standards. That is why Selfielab product manufacturing is based on four principles:

      SelfieLab cosmetics are manufactured in Belarus at a facility that meets the requirements of the European pharmaceutical and cosmetic GMP standard. A distinctive feature is constant monitoring of cleanliness and sterility parameters, as well as the correct operation of clean rooms, including requirements for clothing, cleaning and disinfection procedures.

We do not use ingredients hazardous to health while we manufacture our products. All concentrations of components are carefully calculated and comply with the European Union standards. Highly purified water used in production is an important element in creating a safe and high-quality product.    



All formulations of new products being developed undergo not only standard forms of testing (safety, stability), but also complex testing with the participation of a wide group of volunteers. This approach allows us to offer not only safe, but also really effective products.

SelfieLab cosmetics are created with the focus on components of natural origin and latest scientific research and achievements in the field of cosmetology. For our formulations we use innovative functional ingredients that answer to skin necessities. We combine specific ingredients such as peptides, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, Vitamins, natural oils and plant extracts. We select advanced compounds and texture that ensure the best stability and bioavailability, thanks to the new technological innovations and continuous research.




In November 2020, CleanCosmic LLC successfully passed an inspection for compliance with the requirements of the ISO 22716 “Cosmetics. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices”.

Certificate of Conformity No. BY21/151A dated 17/12/2020 is valid until 16/12/2023.




We invite you to become utterly absorbed in the world of health and beauty, carefully created for you by SelfieLab!