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A line of anti-cellulite products for figure correction Biosofy.

Biosofy is a philosophy of comprehensive care for problem areas of the body with the help of cosmetic products based on herbal ingredients with proven effectiveness.

The basis of the line is the LipoCell complex, which helps to accelerate metabolism, reduce unwanted fat deposits and gradually eliminate cellulite.

The complex includes:

  • a lipolytic that provides the breakdown of fats (caffeine);
  • assets that strengthen the walls of blood vessels (extracts of horse chestnut, horsetail, ivy);
  • ingredients that make the skin supple and elastic (extracts of kelp, fucus).

Additional active ingredients contribute to cellulite correction, volume reduction, elimination of fluid stagnation, alignment of skin relief, strengthening and toning of the skin, in particular:

  • Caffeine: has a draining effect, reduces puffiness, stimulates lipolysis (fat breakdown);
  • L-carnitine: enhances the lipolytic effect when used in conjunction with caffeine;
  • Mint Flower extract: illuminates, soothes and softens the skin;
  • Green tea extract: has lymphatic drainage effect;
  • Gingko Biloba Extract: promotes the removal of toxins improves metabolic processes;
  • Natural menthol: cools and tones;
  • Avocado oil: contains vitamins F, A, C, D, E. K, PP, B2, promotes rejuvenation;
  • Sunflower oil: contains vitamins A, C, D, softens, moisturizes and nourishes.

The products have delicate textures and have pleasant aromas, which allows you to enjoy the process of applying a cream, scrub or lifting spray.
The line acts as an assistant, which, along with physical activity, sports, proper nutrition, full sleep, helps a woman to acquire and maintain a slim figure.

Pharmaceutical quality, high concentration of active ingredients and synergy of innovative components with natural plant extracts combined the anti-cellulite Biosofy line.

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